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Our social responsibility
and environmental responsibility

As a trusted supplier to a vast network of NGOs and associations, ReMade Syn's humanitarian commitment spans the globe. Health, accessibility, economy and ecology are the pillars of our mission, enabling us to make a significant contribution to global humanitarian projects. With reliable and responsible sourcing, we support our partners in their humanitarian actions, while striving to promote a better world.

We believe that our success as a company is intrinsically linked to our ability to contribute positively to society and minimize our impact on the environment. Our CSR policy defines our commitment to these principles and our vision of a responsible company.

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Respect for human rights

Our unwavering commitment to human rights transcends every aspect of our operations. Fully in line with the principles enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we state our categorical policy loud and clear. Through this policy, we unequivocally affirm our absolute refusal of any form of discrimination, exploitation or violation of fundamental rights.

This statement goes beyond mere words; it guides our actions every day. We continually strive to integrate these principles into the very fabric of our business, fostering an environment where every individual is treated with dignity and fairness. Our commitment to the protection of human rights is a responsibility we carry with pride, as a vehicle for ethical values and social justice. Find out more about how we put these commitments into practice within our company and beyond.

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Respect for human rights

Our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint goes beyond mere declarations to become a constant and integrated action at the heart of our mission. We see this environmental responsibility as an imperative and are implementing a series of concrete initiatives. The constant optimization of our energy consumption is at the heart of our approach. By adopting innovative technologies and rethinking our processes, we aim to minimize our impact on energy resources, thus contributing to the transition to a more sustainable economy.

Systematically reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is a cornerstone of our commitment to the climate. We invest in low-carbon practices and technologies, aligning our strategy with long-term environmental objectives.

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Within our company, we see responsible supply chain management as a key element of our commitment to sustainability. We work exclusively with suppliers who share our ethical and environmental values. Choosing supply chain partners who share our commitment is essential to ensure that every step of our process meets high standards of social and environmental responsibility. From the selection of raw materials to production and distribution, we ensure that our suppliers adopt ethical and sustainable practices. This approach ensures that our products not only meet our standards, but also those of those who contribute to our supply chain. Together, we are working to create a transparent, ethical and socially responsible supply chain, reflecting our shared commitment to a sustainable future.

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Involvement with associations

At ReMade Syn, our policy of social and environmental responsibility transcends the boundaries of our pharmaceutical company. It takes the form of a deep commitment to non-profit associations, carefully chosen for their alignment with our values and objectives. We firmly believe that our impact as a player in the pharmaceutical sector can extend far beyond our core activities. We see our social responsibility as an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the society and environment around us. We believe that our influence is not limited to our core business. As a committed player, we aspire to play an active role in improving the society and environment around us. Through strong partnerships with these associations, we work together to address crucial social and environmental issues.

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The safety and well-being of our employees are fundamental values within our company. Our commitment to the well-being of our team goes beyond mere words to concrete actions. We make it a point of honor to provide a working environment that goes beyond the norm, combining safety and health to foster a place conducive to professional fulfillment. With this in mind, we invest in promoting continuous training, recognizing that lifelong learning is the key to both individual and collective development. We encourage our employees to develop their skills and stay at the cutting edge of developments in their respective fields.

At the same time, our commitment to professional development is reflected in dedicated support programs. We believe that the development of our employees is essential to the overall success of the company. That's why we encourage professional growth, offering opportunities for advancement, mentoring and development to help our people reach their full potential.

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Community contribution

As a key player in the communities we serve, our commitment goes beyond our core business. We see our role as an integral part of the local social fabric, and are determined to make a positive and meaningful contribution. Our commitment takes the form of targeted charitable giving initiatives aimed at strengthening the well-being of the communities to which we belong. Through these actions, we aim to create a lasting and positive impact, fostering social, educational and environmental development in our operating regions.

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Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in our fair pricing approach, designed to make our products accessible to disadvantaged populations and regions facing health challenges. We actively work to facilitate access to our products in rural and remote areas, collaborating closely with local associations with expertise in these regions. This strategic collaboration enables us to better understand the specific health needs of these communities and tailor our initiatives to maximize their impact. Together, we are working to overcome barriers to healthcare access, creating a positive and lasting impact in the most vulnerable regions.

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At ReMade Syn, we are constantly striving to raise our standards. We take a proactive approach by regularly evaluating our CSR policy, setting concrete quantitative targets and constantly seeking opportunities for continuous improvement.

At the heart of our corporate culture, our CSR policy guides all our daily actions. By implementing sustainable practices, we are proud to make a positive contribution to society and the environment around us. This CSR policy embodies our deep commitment to these values, reinforcing our determination to be responsible, contributing players.

Our missions

Our humanitarian impact

As the partner of choice for NGOs and associations around the world, we provide them with a complete range of solutions, including suture sets, delivery sets and first-aid kits. Our collaboration aims to contribute to a better world, while offering these essential products for humanitarian missions.