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Our team

The safety and well-being of our employees are of the utmost importance. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment, promoting continuous training and supporting the professional development of our employees.

Maxence Brouard

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

A graduate of Kedge Business School in Management and Marketing, Maxence Brouard has always had the ambition to challenge the status quo. status quo. Since 2020, he has been running Med33, guiding its decisions through the prism of ecology and common well-being.


Pierre Machuel

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Medical Officer

A Doctor of Pharmacy and graduate of ESCP Business School, Pierre Machuel has always been keen to help others.


Zakaria El hamdi

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing student Zakaria El hamdi is passionate about culture, aspiring to share his experience in his work and make connections with audiences around the world.


Brieux Guevel

Sales Manager

This young student exudes contagious energy and palpable enthusiasm whenever he broaches the subject of sport and well-being. Passionate about these areas, he devotes much of his time to exploring different physical activities, whether through the practice of a specific sport, fitness sessions, or even outdoor adventures.


Joseph Barrat

Associate - Business developer

With solid expertise in his field, he is dedicated to extending his success by sharing his knowledge with other companies. His passion for innovation and commitment to the planet shine through in the way he guides his clients. 


Antoine Barrat

Associate - Business developer International

With a keen understanding of global economic trends, he anticipates opportunities and challenges, devising strategies to optimize performance. His collaborative approach and keen sense of intercultural relations reinforce his ability to establish fruitful partnerships.


Sales agents


A team of 10 sales agents deployed throughout France and overseas.


Who we are

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Why ReMade Syn

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Why Be Your Safe

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